Wealth Building Solutions


Wealth Building Solutions


We bring your entire financial life together into one plan of action.

MICAPITAL specializes in providing comprehensive, fiduciary wealth solutions to individuals and families in Traverse City and beyond. Our client’s financial lives are complex in nature and require a bespoke solution crafted by an expert wealth manager.

Our process

Sophisticated, yet very simple.


We get every piece of your financial life organized to a single point of reference.


We’ll analyze where you are now, where you are heading, and pinpoint ways to optimize.


Our financial planners and investment specialists will custom craft your wealth plan.


Your entire financial life will be managed and optimized by our team of experts.

Our Value Proposition

Greater outcomes for you.

About us

Our firm is uniquely built to maximize your results.

Remotely headquartered in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, serving individuals and families locally and across United States.


Our team specializes in helping individuals and families with complex financial lives.


While we do meet in-person with our clients, 97% of our work happens remotely. This allows our firm to leverage help from the best financial experts in the world.

Fewer clients

We serve fewer clients which allows our team of experts to spend 50X more time on you as opposed to searching for more clients.

Family office

We take a multi-family office style approach with our clients to maximize results and increase your lifestyle.

Trent Grzegorczyk

Founder and Wealth Engineer

Trent Grzegorczyk is the founder and principal owner of MICAPITAL and also the founder of Secure Your Retirement Now, a virtual retirement planning educational platform. Trent has been helping individuals and families secure their financial future for over 9 years. He works with clients locally in the Traverse City area, and also serves clients virtually throughout the U.S. Trent is an independent fiduciary and investment advisor. His hobbies include cross country mountain biking, golfing, traveling and exploring beautiful Northern Michigan. He resides in Traverse City with his amazing wife, Alayna.

"We don't have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest." - Warren Buffett

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Core Services

World-class wealth management solutions

Retirement planning

We specialize in creating sophisticated yet simple retirement plans.

Financial planning

We create financial plans to achieve your various financial goals by running what-if scenarios and using risk management strategies.


Allocating your wealth to stocks, bonds, ETFs, private placements, real estate or directly into private businesses.

Lifestyle management

You’ll have access to your own virtual personal assistant who you can delegate almost any task to.

Personal accounting

From tax planning, income planning, billing, banking, credit cards and more. We’ll package everything together for you, streamlining your entire financial infrastructure.