Financial Planning for Tech & Startup Entrepreneurs

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Tech entrepreneurs and professionals have very unique financial situations, and often times have very big upside potential. This usually comes via a sale of their company or employee stock units. Our team of experts can guide tech entrepreneurs and professionals through a very unique financial planning process to maximize their wealth potential.


Wondering what to do with your privately held tech stock?


Capture the value you have accumulated and diversify your wealth into other compounding vehicles like ETFs, private funds, real estate, and directly into other companies.


Buy shares of privately held tech stock from employees to participate in the quantum growth potential, pre-IPO and beyond.


Create a detailed plan on how to manage your company stock, when to buy more, and when to sell based on your financial goals.

“We don't offer cookie cutter solutions. Instead, we provide each of our clients bespoke wealth management solutions that are built to maximize their entire financial situation, not only their investment portfolio.”

- Trent Grzegorczyk

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