U.S. Stock Market 2009-Present

By: Trent Grzegorczyk

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If you invested $500,000 into the S&P 500 (U.S. stocks) in 2009, you'd have over $2,000,000 today.  

See chart below:

Large-cap stocks are up over 340% since 2009, and only 1 year was negative (2018). Year-to-date, that same index is up almost 30%. How much further will it go? When is the next crash predicted? Isn't everyone talking about a recession in 2021?! As you might already know, nobody knows for sure when these things will happen, and timing the market is never a smart thing to do. Back in 2015-2016, I vividly remember having conversations with clients about this same topic and them asking how much further can it go? They were concerned about the market running out of steam...and some of them went to cash.

Fast forward a few years, and the market is up another 67% since 2015...  

What has always worked very well for investors is thinking long-term, and sticking to a plan.  

Pair this long-term strategy with investing according to your goals, risk tolerance, and needs, you are doing the right thing.  

At MICAPITAL, we believe that it is more important than EVER to re-evaluate your financial life to be sure everything is allocated properly according to your financial situation.  

This is especially true if you are nearing the end of your career or approaching retirement.  

Now that we are at all-time highs in the market, it's the ideal time to audit your investments and re-balance to prepare for what's ahead.  

While we aren't trying to "predict" a market crash, we simply believe it's time to perform an audit on your portfolio to capture gains, minimize risk, and re-allocate your portfolio based on today's market environment, your goals, risk tolerance, and needs.  

It's also a great opportunity to consolidate your various retirement accounts like an old 401(k) or IRA if you have been putting this off.  

If you're curious how we are investing our client assets for 2020, check out some of our model portfolios here: micapital.net/investing  



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About the Author

Trent Grzegorczyk is the founder and principal of MICAPITAL, a registered investment advisor. Trent works with business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and high-net-worth individuals. Over the past 9 plus years, he and his colleagues have advised on over $3 billion in client assets. Trent enjoys cross country cycling, traveling, hiking, and resides in Traverse City, Michigan with his wife Alayna.

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