VHNW MULTI-Family offices

All-in-one multi-family office services for very high-net-worth individuals

We help VHNW individuals and families with $5 – $30 million net worth preserve, manage, and grow their wealth by providing bespoke, multi-family office wealth management solutions.

You're a business owner. An entrepreneur. A professional. A very high net worth individual.

and you are looking for a solution to organize your entire financial life and elegantly multiply your wealth over time.

You aren’t looking to work with just any financial advisor, but an expert wealth manager that works with VHNW individuals just like you. One that is a specialist at managing complex financial situations and can present ideas and solutions in a way that is sophisticated, cutting edge, yet simple.

If this sounds like you…

You're in the right place.

The wealth management space is getting flooded with cookie cutter services being offered by robo-advisors and big box companies. These might be okay for the masses, but not for you. You have higher expectations, significantly more wealth, bigger goals, and a complex financial situation.

What you need is a bespoke family office system crafted by an expert wealth manager.

That's where we come in.

Uniquely built to maximize your results.

About Us


Our team specializes in helping VHNW individuals and families with complex financial lives.


While we meet in-person with our clients, most of our work happens remotely. This allows our firm to leverage help from the best financial experts in the world and maintain a lean infrastructure.

Fewer Clients

We serve fewer clients which allows our team of experts to spend 50X more time on you as opposed to searching for more clients.

Multi-Family Office

We take a multi-family office approach with our clients to maximize results, minimize friction and increase your lifestyle.

Sound familiar?

VHNW individuals are commonly overwhelmed with things like…

Too many financial elements to manage

VHNW individuals have dozens of financial elements they need to track and oversee. If you don’t have the proper systems in place, things begin to slip through the cracks, costing you time and money.

Forecasting your wealth trajectory

Investment portfolios, real estate, business interests, private equity, luxury cars, boats, multiple income streams and more. Figuring out what everything is worth and where it is heading is a huge task.

Balancing growth and income

As a VHNW individual, you want to compound your wealth, but you also need to generate enough income to maintain your lifestyle. Formulating the proper strategy is critical to the long-term sustainability of your wealth.

Too many humans to oversee

By engaging a VHNW wealth manager, you’ll be able to delegate the management of all your experts to one centralized party. This allows precise information relay and eliminates costly errors.

Protecting your wealth and family information

Protecting your family and the wealth you’ve accumulated is top priority. Without proper security measures and legal protection, everything can vanish in the blink of an eye. This step is mission critical.

Bringing everything together

The number one reason very high net worth individuals approach us for help is because they know we specialize in bringing everything together in a sophisticated yet simple way, so they can spend more time enjoying life.

Let's Elevate Your WEalth

Human capital

You're armed with an elite team of independent investment, finance, legal, real estate, tech, business, and family office experts to manage and optimize your entire wealth and lifestyle.

Holistic approach

Your entire life will be organized with one independent team, with one action plan. We bring everything together for you in a very sophisticated yet simple way.

Financial systems

You'll have a comprehensive financial management system that brings together all of the pieces, so you can quickly track where everything is, what it's worth, and where it is heading.

Concierge services

You get access to unprecedented white glove concierge services to reduce the amount of time wasted on minimal and repetitive tasks so that you can enjoy life, more.

Core Services

A few of the services included in our VHNW family office platform

Allocating your assets to publicly traded companies, funds, private placements, real estate and directly into private businesses.

Creating sophisticated financial plans to achieve your various financial goals by running what-if scenarios and using risk management strategies.

Creating a legal shield around your wealth and family, along with crafting multi-generational asset transfer plans.


From tax planning, income planning, billing, banking, credit cards and more. We’ll package everything together for you, streamlining your entire financial infrastructure.


Managing your family’s entire estate so that you can spend more time enjoying life, and less time worrying about managing everything.

We quarterback the administrative, management, and the eventual transfer of assets of the Trust to beneficiaries.

We want each of our clients to focus on enjoying life. You’ll have access to your own virtual personal assistant who you can delegate daily, weekly, or monthly tasks to.

Utilize our white glove concierge services to book trips like business travel, vacations or a weekend away to your family cottage. 


We proactively monitor and manage our VHNW client’s security measures to be sure their family and private information is protected.

We’ll help you create and maintain a strong family image and brand that will last for generations, staying true to your values and the purpose of your wealth.

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